Ashley is Miami-bound!  A million thanks to Marc Buoniconti of The Miami Project.  See the latest "Coop Report" for details.

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Early on the morning of Sunday, May 2, 2004, our very own Ashley Cooper (aka: Coop) was critically injured in a car crash in New Smyrna Beach.  She was taken to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach where she remained in the Intensive Care Unit for twelve days undergoing various surgeries.  Coop was badly hurt; she sustained multiple broken bones in her back, shoulder, ribs, etc.  The long term extent of her injuries remains unknown, but what we do know is that she has a long and painful recovery and rehabilitation ahead of her.  Ashley is still paralyzed from the abdomen down.  She is feisty and hopeful – two qualities necessary for the miraculous recovery we all wish for.

This web site is dedicated to Ashley’s recovery and will serve as an information source to her beloved friends.  The outpouring of love and goodwill has been phenomenal.  Due to the severity of her injuries she underwent a long rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Finally, Ashley is back home in Edgewater where she patiently waits to hear from the Miami Project at the University of Miami.  Ashley is welcoming visitors, so please stop by and say hello.  She is very grateful for the tremendous support from all of you and wishes to send you her thanks. 

Ashley was saddened by the recent death of Christopher Reeve, whose organization was extremely helpful to us during those initial first months of Ashley’s injury.  He symbolized hope to us, and we will continue to hope for a cure so that Ashley will walk again someday – sooner, not later!   There is still plenty you can do to show your love and support of Coop: 1) Send a card; 2) post a message here on the bulletin board showing your love and support; 3) make a contribution or organize a fundraiser to help with the medical expenses, which continue to mount daily; 4) stop by and visit; and 5) support stem cell research.

Anyone who knows Ashley Cooper knows that she would never turn her back on a friend.  If you are Ashley Cooper’s friend, welcome to this web site!  Please leave a “love note” on the message board and consider donating anything you can to the cause.  Bookmark this site and visit often.  We will post regular progress reports on Ashley’s recovery.  We will also post information about fundraising events to support Ashley through this time.

This is not going to be a few weeks in the hospital and back on the beach. Ashley has been seriously injured. Although she is finally home in Edgewater, we are hoping it’s a temporary visit on her way to Miami where she will undergo experimental therapy if accepted into the program.  Please join us and stay with us for the long haul… she would do it for you, and we’re grateful that you are here now on her behalf. Please, send this site to your friends, your church, your family and co-workers. Log in often to read updates on Ashley's condition. And please, please wear your seatbelt.

    Ashley Cooper Trust Fund 2004
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